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Recruitment Network

At EPSN Workforce we believe in changing lives for the better. 

Our vision is to be a people-orientated, progressive organisation, driven by our values to deliver lasting change for our candidates, clients and network partners. 

Our purpose is to improve people’s lives, providing them with the opportunity to grow professionally and personally. By working together as a network we offer a unique recruitment solution that helps individuals realise their full potential. 

Our people are deeply rooted to the same values; delivering excellence to clients and candidates, being passionate in everything we do and collaborating to achieve results. 

We are stronger, working together.

Digital recruiting solution

EPSN Workforce joins the technology market by creating its own tech and own their IP.

Vacancy advertising

EPSN Workforce brings supply and demand together


Bringing together recruitment professionals from all sector backgrounds, regardless, location or timeframe. 


Matching talent with opportunity. 


How We Realised Our Recruitment Network


Company start up

EPSN Workforce, established in 2014, is a global organisation, formed of a network of skilled recruitment specialists, who share the same passion of matching talent with opportunity.


Company is growing; 10 countries in 1 year

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We understand that today’s recruitment industry is a competitive and complex landscape, forcing businesses to adapt in order to survive. By joining the EPSN Business Partnership, you will be part of a fast-growing European recruitment network, with access to the latest tools and resources; proven to accelerate business growth.


We become the leading recruitment company across Europe

Highly motivated business professionals operating under the umbrella of EPSN Workforce, who understand the importance of recruitment excellence and are committed to fulfilling client requirements, always.


Covid Pandemic made us think outside the box

The recruitment market was changing as well as franchising was changing with new government, tax laws and employee rights making it more difficult to continue with just having the franchise model only.


Opportunity to become a Business Partner

EPSN’s Business Partner concept is to build a Global network for recruitment companies to work together creating more international opportunities for both candidates and recruitment companies own growth.


Go GLOBAL is key

EPSN took the opportunity to join the technology market, creating its own tech and own their IP which will increase in value with more users whilst building a membership platform for recruitment companies to join on annual memberships.


The fastest growing Global recruitment Network

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We offer a fresh approach to the recruitment industry. By working in collaboration with our network of Business partners we are able to target candidates and vacancies in various industries.

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