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Learning the language with Berlitz

The EPSN Academy facilitates language education through certified institutions and tutors.

Depending on present language skills and location we can offer a customised program to reach your specific goals to match the needs ofyour business.

Training should be to be easy to access which is the reason why we can provide a comprehensive training facility in one location.

The EPSN Academy provides access to the world’s premier language and intercultural communication specialist training provider. The training is operated in 500 locations in 70 countries.

Our training provider covers e-learning and wide range of class-based learning with over 6,000 staff worldwide and nearly 140 years’ experience in helping others to learn.

Your course options

It starts with a discussion to ensure we are right for each other.

Complete placement tests

We discuss your business objectives and goals.

Contact Berlitz

We confirm your suitability and you sign the agreement.

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An online Onboarding meeting will be scheduled. Topics as CRM system, IT, Marketing, Invoicing etc. will be explained.

Berlitz, our associate partner in growth

Learn a language online,
at your own pace

The most flexible, efficient way to learn a language is here! Speech recognition, interactive online activities and 1:1 real-time lessons with a live instructor.

The Berlitz training program is open for those who require foreign languages at their workplace and would to improve their own language skills. The training program teaches language courses for the business world as well as for everyday use.

Available in English, Spanish and German.

  • Available in English, Spanish and German.
  • 1:1 real-time lessons with a live instructor.
  • Get your refund

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