The purpose of our podcasts is to discuss the world of International Healthcare Recruitment. We will break it down, give guidance, share our network vacancies and discuss healthcare related topics:
with employer compliance.Our company is your strategic HR partner as instead of HR.

Many small companies assign employment and HR issues to operation executives or other employees who may not have the specialized training to navigate these operational areas correctly & compliance with state regulations. A company may consultant administrator, HR is ideal solutions.

“We want to turn the Recruitment market on it’s head.”Matt Paine


About the our emphire company for affected businesses as significantly as our best employees to improvements. And Advisers can provides service needs from providing the training to managing entire HR department.

✴️ Guide to registering as a nurse in UK✴️ Life as a Paramedic in the NHS✴️ Working in the USA as a nurse; make your dream come true✴️ Working as a Nurse in Belgium✴️ Life as a Care Assistant – _Ireland✴️ Home Managers – Elderly Care homes

✴️ Life as an NHS Nurse

✴️ Live in Carer in the UK

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